Puppies geboren 5 april 2021

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emmelie x Rosegrove let it be me

Perpekims's Follow Your Dream Faith (Claire):
Roadrunner No Hills (Lego):
HD A, ED vrij, ogen vv. DNA getest   HD A, ED vrij, ogen vv. DNA getest

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Roadrunner No Hills

Dk Ch. Summeramba Last Orders

Sh.Ch. Erinderry Just The Ticket From Bluewaters
Sh.Ch. Gunhills Blue River
Sh.Ch. Erinderry Firebird

Jw Summeramba Sherbert Lemon
Sh.Ch. Shardanell Castaspell
Summeramba Serenade

Multi Ch.Kadootje No Hills

German Ch. Chicago Down Town V. D. Beerse Hoeve
Dutch Ch. German Vdh Ch. Lux.Ch. Matador V. D. Beerse Hoeve
Monte Serafina V. D. Beerse Hoeve

Multi Ch. Hotline No Hills
Sh.Ch.Shardanell Castaspell
Exquise No Hills

Perpekims's Follow Your Dream Faith

Rosegrove Let It Be Me

Ch. (SH.GB.) Shardanell Castaspell
Ipcress Sir Thomas
Lovehayne Scarlet Sage for Shardanell

Rosegrove Follow Your Dream
Marjamez Matchmaker At Learmount
Golmas Gilded Rose At Rosegrove

Tinas Tigers Eye Jeanton

Meloak Dancing Storm Jw'05
Sh.Ch.Erinderry Just A Ticket
Sh.Ch.Gunhills Dancing Mandolin

Ch.Tina Jeanton
Follow Me Jeanton
Vanity Jeanton  JW'96